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Proposed Apartments at Ace Hardware Location 2017

UPDATE: THE PROPOSAL WAS APPROVED BY THE METROPOLITAN DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION. Monon Development Partners, LLC  has filed a rezone petition to construct Nora Apartments at 8502 Westfield Blvd, the current location of Ace Hardware. You can view details of the proposal in the public Nora Center Workgroup > Google Docs folder. You do not need a Google […]

82nd Street / Westfield Blvd Septic Tank Elimination Program

Below is information from Citizen’s Energy Group about the STEP program coming to the 82nd & Westfield area. If you live in the area shown in the shaded portion of the map below, you are being switched from septic to city sewer. CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER: Sandy Shafer (Citizens) (317) 429-3981 email sshafer@citizensenergygroup.com   BASICS ENROLLMENT […]

The Indiana Fine Arts Academy comes to Nora

Looking for affordable small group or private music, theatre or art lessons? The Indiana Fine Arts Academy is a new non-profit organization serving the Nora area. They offer premier classes in music, dance, art, and theater instruction in an environment where students can increase their knowledge in the fine arts, develop their skills, and apply them through personal […]

PRESS RELEASE: Marion County Transit Plan Implementing Indy Connect

Throughout February public meetings are scheduled to discuss transit plans. The plan proposes changes to local transit routes and rapid transit. The currently proposed Red Line (BRT) phase 2 route would bypass central Nora. The Nora Alliance has requested a public meeting be scheduled in Nora. INDIANAPOLIS (February 1, 2016) – Based on years of planning, IndyGo, with […]

Nora Ranks High Among City’s Most Needed Sidewalks

For all its wonderful assets (like great schools, mature trees, shopping and Monon Trail), Nora still has some of the greatest need for pedestrian infrastructure. A recent study maps Indianapolis’ missing pedestrian walkways (i.e., sidewalks and multi-use paths) and provides a tool to help identify where investment should be focused. It reveals the gaps in the pedestrian network and prioritizes each missing […]