Monon Trail Workgroup

Monon Trail Workgroup

Catalytic Project

Monon Trail Chain of Microparks & Trailheads

Issue: Lack of public parks and gathering spaces; lack of “Nora” identity; lack of Monon Trail access points; lack of City funding for establishing new park space and maintenance.

Solution: Establish a chain of microparks and trailheads along the Monon Trail through Nora Center.

Priority: In the 2015 Nora Community Survey, respondents listed the “Monon Trail” as Nora’s #1 asset; “limited pedestrian friendly areas” as the #1 liability; “public areas and parks” as the #4 need; and “parks, preservation, conservation” as the #4 desire for Central Nora.

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The Monon Trail Workgroup meeting notes and project plans are available in a public Google Docs folder. You do not need a Google account to view.

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